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Daily yield 25% APR = 28.39% APY

Created for everyone that doesn't want to hunt for the current best bribes or risk impermanent loss in pools. yAQUA pays out daily, currently at a 25% APR which compounds to 28.39% APY.

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HEX is available on SDEX. Pairs are on nicetrade, scopuly, stellarx, and stellarterm

Buy yAQUA/AQUA pairs on SDEX

25% APR paid daily, compounding interest

If you hold more then 1000 yAQUA in your account, you will receive a daily yAQUA payment amounting to 25% APR. Compounding interest means that the interest you receive for today will also receive interest tomorrow, which will receive interest the day after and so on.

Holding for a full year, the compounding APY is 28.39%

Orderbook and Liquidity

yAQUA is pegged to the value of AQUA.

This means that you will always be able to redeem your yAQUA 1:1 for AQUA via our website, or if the orderbook is liquid enough also on the SDEX via swap or standing orders.

Since we let the AQUA we receive work for the APR, there are currently no high standing orders by us in the book, however we restore the peg several times per day in case it goes off.

Where can I get yAQUA?

yAQUA is currently available on the Stellar DEX and our Dashboard. If you don't know what the SDEX is, we recommend to simply buy and hold in your Dashboard account.

If you are already familiar with the SDEX, you can find yAQUA by searching for:

Code: yAQUA


Where can I change yAQUA back to AQUA?

1) You can check the SDEX for liquidity following the links above or set a sell order at 1:0.999, other users or ourselves will then buy the yAQUA back.

2) You can use our form here, send yAQUA and receive AQUA back automatically.

3) If you have a Dashboard account, an additional Swap tool is available to you for a 1:1 exchange.