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Our in-game Currency

HEX is the in-game currency used in all games we develop and it's very different to other in-game currencies you may have used so far.

For the full run-down, please read the tokenomics article.

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addirktive Dashboard

HEX is currently available via our Dashboard (using our custom built swap tool).

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HEX is available on SDEX. Pairs are on scopuly, stellarx, and stellarterm

Buy HEX/USDC pairs on SDEX

9% APY paid daily, compounding interest

If you hold more then 1,000 HEX (~$3) in your account, you will receive a daily HEX payment amounting to 9% APY. Compounding interest means that the interest you receive for today will also receive interest tomorrow, which will receive interest the day after and so on. Holding for a full year, the compound APY is ~9.5%

Trading range and buy back order

Unlike other blockchain in-game currencies, HEX is meant to be more stable. This will eliminate the "cost of entry" barrier a lot of blockchain games face due to their in-game currency spiraling out of control when gaining traction. HEX has a fixed ceiling and floor with a spread of 25% in which players and speculators can find the real current value. The fixed floor guarantees that you'll always get at least 75% of the money you or someone else spent for the HEX back out of the game, or more when other players have higher bids placed than ours.

Why HEX needs unlimited supply

HEX is issued on "as-needed basis" to support demand of in-game purchases and purchases off the market. There always needs to be enough supply to lock the current upper ceiling and new HEX are issued whenever a player buys HEX in the game via traditional IAPs (Google, Apple, Steam).

HEX is not used to sell into the market! The trading range of 25% spread between current ceiling (sales price) and bottom (buy orders) are preserved for price finding of users and players only.