Because blockchain doesn't need to be complicated.

The addirktive dashboard is utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology from different blockchains and distributed ledger networks to support our games and other products.
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Easy to use platform for end-users

Added layer of security

Bridge between different blockchains


addirktive Games

While developing the CityStates IP, we are preparing the Dashboard for seamless cross-chain interoperability. Non fungible tokens (NFT) and in-game assets will be traded between users without needing to leave the Dashboard.

All Hail Magnus!

Unlike most other blockchain based games, there are no requirements to start playing CS:M. The player doesn't need to own or even know anything about crypto currencies. No extensions like Metamask (ethereum), Anchor (EOS/WAX) or even an existing (and funded) account to interact with the game.

We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and create value
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addirktive Tokens

CSM Token logo


CSM is the governance token representing the intellectual property of CityStates. Profit generated by the IP will be distributed to all tokenholders proportionally to the amount of tokens they hold.

Governance & Profit Sharing
HEX Token logo


HEX is the in-game currency used in all games we develop and it is very different to other in-game currencies you may have used so far. For the full run-down, please read the Tokenomics article.

In Game Currency

We are not just a game

addirktive will provide more opportunities for our users while creating a network of talented entrepreneurs working together for a unified goal. Opening a new market where existing players have access to funds at their fingertips.

Building block of capital

Let's work together!

Microequity is our attempt to crowdfund projects and services that embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Following our own formula by selling parts of our intellectual property instead of a share in a company to fund development, we will offer this option to other promising projects in the future.

Instead of limiting us to one solution, we embrace blockchain technology as a whole.

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